5 Instagram Small Businesses You Must Follow

1. Scribbly India

If you are a sucker for customised notebooks and writing pads, then you just need to experience the splendid service by Scribbly India. A brand handled by two sisters based out of Bombay is modelled upon the foundations of warmth, care and affection. They will always take care of the little tiny details and whip whatever you want in almost no time. Along with that, they have the cutest packaging and lots of freebies to offer at very, very affordable prices. 

2. Texture Townn

The arena of resin jewellery is not pretty much saturated on Instagram if we take the small business community into concern. But, if you visit the texture_townn’s page, you’d always find something or the other which will catch you by your breath. Starting from ocean themed coasters to preserved flowers in every form. You can get the most memorable gift from her amazing Instagram biz for yourself or someone you love! You can also send her your own set of flowers or butterflies, in case you want to preserve the remains!

3. Aamanat

‘Aamanat’, absolutelyencapsulates the essence of the name in their brand. There is nothing more extraordinary than 2 best friends, running a shop which is literally the heart and sou of Calcutta. You would hardly meet anyone who hasn’t bought some vintage or junk jewellery from Aamanat. You can ask them to customise something as per your choice. But, make sure to have prompt bookings during sales as their content moves out really fast. 

4. Shopbybaishalee

Like to have all cute things kawai? Well, do not worry because Shopbybaishalee’s mix is going to become your quick fix for the times when you forget to churn out a beautiful present for your ladylove. She’s an amazing portrait artist and a clay sculptor and will make you the cutest designs all the time. Along with that, she has recently incorporated wire jewelery into her USP’s as well. So, make sure that you have your bookings asap!

5. Bagitall

Tie dye TShirts are not back in trend! Although fashion trends come and go, you must always make it a point to bounce in on some while the occasion last. Finding the right mix of tie dye shades is a task in itself. But not when you have Bagitall, as she will make you any kind of clothing you’d like using the tie dye shades! Trackpants, TShirts, Trowsers, or just hand hands< Bagitall is a must-order shop if you are from Kolkata. 

If you have been always a person who runs after fast fashion, then it is time to breathe in freshness with some slow fashion, handcrafted gifts and treats for everyone! Follow then today and keep track, because you never really know when you might just like something!